Monday, November 19, 2007


I've been messing around with fedora lately.  Yum is the package manager.  But that's not why I mention yum.  I mention it because my Girl is on her way over to my place right now with some fresh baked food.  Seriously, is there anything better in life?  I'm reminded of Clerks.  Yep, this one's a keeper.  

Friday, November 9, 2007

Christian Moms meet Japanese Cephalerotica??

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Too many hours without sleep; too many lines of lisp. I'm taking much needed break from parens, talking with a friend about pre-20th Century surrealist art. I flex my conversational muscle by showing off some of my favorite Bosch. My friend nods sagely and says, "Interesting, but have you ever seen Cephalopoidal Cunnilingus?"

Of course there was only one thing to do...

(before continuing, I must assure readers that the decision to delve into this sordid subject matter was a result of procrastination, far more than titillation...)

Well, I did what any curious person would do, I googled Woman Octopus. I did expect to see some odd results (that was the intent after all), but the 4th result on the page was definitely not what I had anticipated.
So I present to you, in all its glory, Octopus Faith. I can't even begin to describe this, so here's some choice quotations from the site:
"Octopus Faith was exactly the message that was needed to springboard us into a season of 'deep sea diving' with Christ."

"Let... Janet Drez, take your women on an 'under-sea' adventure using the attributes of the octopus as a unique and profound word-picture to discover and grow their 'Octopus Faith®'."

"Being a teenager and hearing your message, I feel so empowered and I can't wait to share the 8 tentacles of faith with my peers."

Yes, this is in fact a Christian organization, no matter how much is sounds like a New Age Na Kika Cult. But all of that aside, what really did me in was this: A google image search for 'Woman Octopus' shows these two pictures side by side in beautiful contrast.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Signing up for Technorati

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Laptops for Mauritania

So I keep encountering people who have 3 or 4 year old IBM thinkpads. These are awesome machines that never break down (really, in my opinion, the high-water-mark for consumer electronics). They keep giving them to me, saying, "hey, you can do something with this, right?" I just talked to a friend of mine who's going to Mauritania in a month to do some Archaeological resarch. He's going to take some of these machines with him to give to local University proffs, etc. So I'm now in the process of refurbishing them and loading Ubuntu on. I'm having a lot of fun costumizing the interface and apps. Really, one of the more exciting things I've done lately. I'm really psyched about this little project I've started.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007



Just came back from a really awesome, intimate talk with Saludin, one of the top people in BRAC. Anyone who's at all interested in development has to know about BRAC.  They're one of the largest NGO's in the world, based in Bangladesh, mostly focussed on rural development through a varriety of programs, including microfinance.


From Wired

Who's crazier:  Apple Fans, or Ron Paul Supporters?  Awesome Article.  Must Read.

Ethics and Ideas

Ethical Dilema:

  • Contract which earns me lots of money:  good
  • Earning lots of money from dirty rotten bastards:  bad
  • Being unsure of whether company in question is actually composed of dirty rotten bastards:  bad
  • Public perception of said company as dirty rotten bastards:  bad
  • Me associating with company of questionable moral standards which the public views as dirty rotten bastards:  bad
Which leads me to think that while the contract is bad, the money is good.  Hmmm... I don't know.  How much moral duty do IT people usualy feel?


Story set in Steampunk style alternate history.  Begins in Constantinople which is the capital of the largest Democratic State on the planet, stretching from Persia to Egypt, and from the mid-Eurals to the tip of the Arabian Peninsula.  It is known as the Central Earth Allliance, and has been the center of mechanical innovation for centuries.  The only nation which even comes close to being a rival on the world-stage seams to be Britain, a constitutional Monarchy (deriving most of it's resources from its only colony: British Occupied America).  Britain is on the rise, with a new, progressive king on the throne, who has thrown the entire national fortune at a few British inventors who are currently developing the first wave of networked digital technology.

But the main story revolves around a mid-level employee of the British Consulate in Constantinople.  He ends up being reasigned to the colonial administration in America, and charged with whiping out the black/grey markets there.  As he becomes further enmeshed in the Underground world of American informal politics, he begins to realize that this underdeveloped, impoverished colony is not so meek as they seem.  With the CEA stagnating and losing power fast, and Britain on the brink of a golden age, how will the free flow of information change global power-politics, but more importantly, how will it change the lives of ordinary Americans?